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We provide comprehensive accounting and property management services to resident-controlled metropolitan districts across Colorado.

Metropolitan Districts

We provide comprehensive accounting and management services to resident-controlled metropolitan districts acoss Colorado. We assist metro district boards with adopting and adhering to policies and procedures that (1) improves the district's transparency with residents, (2) stregnthens the district's financial health and (3) inspires greater ethical conduct among board memebers. We also assist homeowners with converting corporate-controlled metro districts to taxpayer-controlled districts that serve the best interest of the resident taxpayers.

Regardless of whether metropolitan districts manage mature neighborhoods or newly developed neighborhoods, we provide the services necessary to help ensure these neighborhoods continue to age well and neighborhood services continue to be provided at a level that meets or exceeds the expectations of the neighborhood residents.

Homeowner Recall Committees

We provide support services to resident-initiated recall committees to assist them through the process of recalling and replacing non-independent directors from their metropolitan district boards. Specifically, we provide training and education services to homeowners so they better understand (1) the financial and operational characteristics of their metropolitan districts and (2) the recall election process. We also assist homeowners with the recall petition process.


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Homeowner Associations

In limited instances, Wolfersberger, LLC will manage homeowner associations (HOAs). Specifically, we will manage HOAs where (1) significant cost savings can be generated from consolidating HOA services into the neighborhood's metropolitan district and (2) sufficient support exists among the homeowners serving on the HOA board and the metropolitan district board to consolidate such services into the metropolitan district. In rare cases, we have assisted HOAs with creating new metropolitan districts to which the HOAs have transferred all neighborhood service responsibilities. [Note A


Note A: In 2016, we assisted the Platte River Ranch No 2 HOA (a 479-home neighborhood located in Brighton) with creating a metropolitan district and merging the HOA's operations into the metro district. The HOA had historically averaged over 30% bad debt write-offs of its HOA dues over the past 10 years. Homeowners were well aware of the bad debt write off rate and the impact it had on annual HOA dues. Our firm worked with the HOA board on educating homeowners about the near 100% property tax collection rates experienced by metro districts. That was one of the primary reasons why the ballot proposing the creation of a new metropolitan district passed with over 70% approval from the voters. The HOA was subsequently dissolved in 2017 and replaced by the metro district.